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V, Werasith

Troisdesign Founder

Project Manager

Tanya, Rarida

Troisdesign Co-Founder
Project Coordinator

A Bit About Trois's

Troisdesign was founded, unintended at first, by a couple of taste lover entrepreneurs, who were always inspired by the everyday surrounding and making it into business. Troisdesign also started from striking with the idea of wanting to create a showcase of themselves while having disappointment from dealing with an interior design firm that gave them only the design on the preface yet lacked the usefulness and function they really want.

Upon wasting their company budget over and over for something they haven't yet understood but still feel a glance of uneasiness like the final outcome they receive
 wasn't right. At first, they just have to focus on what it needed to grow their business but soon they realized the importance of the design that represents the appearance of their brands and how much it cost each time they have to pay out only to get what's beautiful yet still lack function & purposes required for each project.

At the end of the decision, one of the Trois's founders, who already have past experience in the field of construction & material production, start to step up and bring out the idea of wanting to create any items, showcase & interior, construction-directed included, that answers their need and meet their requirement in every aspect of their business. From this point on, they are in charge of everything, forming the in-house team, getting the concept & inspiration, designing the product, fabric line, packaging, VM, booth & showcases to the bigger project like furniture design & interior.

They thought their direction was right this time and they were right. There are many feedbacks directing in, wanting to create the furniture like the one, they only design to support their brand's benefit. With the idea of fulfilling their duty of showcasing while keeping the space, clearing the walkway, with a clean design for the visions, as well as longevity, and also concerning for the users' safety, it is fortunate to meet what's is right for them.

And fortunate for Troisdesign to be born, unintentionally but wholeheartedly, slowly but firmly.

Troisdesign's Timeline


On journey

Aug - Oct 2019

Almost there



A long journey of Trois' founders; from showcases, furniture, decorations, Shops & VM to offices & home interior design & construction with long-time, trusted & experienced, personally recruited teams


Troisdesign was born and
was presented to the world,
first launch in Baanlaesuan fair.

Working on our showroom 
to welcome you to see
real works, real materials

Working on the process

Answer to customer's need,with handpicked teamof skilled craftsmen